Trilion is not exactly a band, and it's a bunch of crazy ass people /groups/ individuals that merge and clash with each other and make a celestial electronic / broken beats / ragga / rub a dubby sound with samplers live drums and a bunch of skillful and yet obscure mentally instable MCs. It's composed originally from a collaboration between the band 3421 + Easy Rider + Ranking Levy ( My Lord ) + Miss Red = TRILION. This so called band or a "musical Caesar salad" is right before the release of their debut album - "Ain't no future with no past" that is about to be released on Jahtari label GER – 2016 Trilion are > Shuzin /// Hezus /// Ranking Levy /// Miss Red /// General G /// Guma Ranks /// Mentor Irie - sound : Operator Mercy

סגנוןמוזיקלי : Futuristic Rub-A-Dub /// BASS /// RAGGA