InDnegev Festival 2016

Founded in 2007, InDNegev aims to promote and expose independent artists, to present new promising artists and to support the growing Israeli indie scene. The festival takes place in the Negev district, in the south of Israel. Throughout the years, InDNegev has grown and developed to be considered as one of the most influential music events in Israel, and perhaps the most important one for the independent music community. From a small gathering of a few music enthusiasts ten years ago to 10,000 participants planned for 2016, InDNegev is leading a real musical revolution in Israel.

During 3 days in the desert, InDNegev presents more than 100 acts of Israel’s best musicians on 5 different stages, exhibitions, art galleries, live radio broadcasting, independent cinema and many other camps.

This year is the 10th addition of NnDNegev, and for this special occasion the festival is presenting a broader set of events: new compound, live video streaming and special collaborations between key players in the industry. This year’s lineup includes Israel’s finest artists: Assaf Amdursky, Riff Cohen, Ram Orion, TREE, Vegan Friendly, Garden City Movement, Totemo, Reo, System Ali & Tamer Nafar, Liraz, Buttering Trio, Tigris ft. Gili Yalo, Armon, Nechi Nech, Shalom Gad, Häxxan, Shtuby, Malox ft. Ecoh&Tito, 3421, Weinberg & Russo, Zvuloon Dub System, Haya Miler and many more.

B(l)ooming the Silence.



General Info

The festival will take place in Mizpe Gvulot, in the Negev (south of Israel).
There will be bus transportation from Haifa, Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, by SmartBus (more info on FB).

By car: follow GVULOT, on Waze.
By Bus: from Tel Aviv, line 379 from Central Bus Station to Eshkol, then line 14 to Gvulot.
From Beer Sheva, line 35 from Central Bus Station to Eshkol, then line 14 to Gvulot.

Search for our hitchhiking group on FB, a great way to get a ride, meet people and save money.

There will be no ticket sale on sight. Number of tickets is limited so we strongly recommend you to pre-purchase tickets and ensure your participation in InDNegev 2016.
Optional tickets – full ticket (for the whole weekend) or for Thursday only.
Full ticket – 350 NIS, kids aged 6-11 50 NIS, kids below 6 for free.
Tickets for sale at our website or at the festival’s FB page.
Box Office for ticket collection will be open Thursday 2pm-1am / Friday 9am-1am / Saturday 9am-2pm

Sleeping arrangement is in camping area, so bring tents.
Camping area provides field showers (so bring a bathing suit) and toilets.
We also recommend to bring warm clothes for the night.


Six musicians from Jaffa and Jerusalem, playing music that connects Balkan, electronic and Arab music, mixing Mediterranean with African and tribal beats. Their vision is to create musical collaborations between musicians from Tel Aviv, Beirut, Aqaba, Haifa, Jaffa, Gaza, and other port cities in the Middle East.
Musical style: Electro-Arab-Balkan-Instrumental-Groove from the Middle-East

Nechi Nech
After three solo albums, cross country tours, successful singles on the most played radio station in Israel, sold out concerts, and nominations for “Best Israeli Live Show” and “Song of the Year” and with an energetic and rare live performance Nechi Nech (Ravid Plotnik), is keeping the promise and establishing himself as an estimated, popular, refreshing and exceptional artist and musician.
Musical Style: Middle Eastern Hip Hop & Reggae

Surf Platoon
A Post-Punk reincarnation of Surf Rock, connecting the old and the new. They started as a jam group, later forming into a band with a cohesive sound. During the past year the band has recorded their first EP, by Eli Pikover (Karusela, Cain and Abel 90201).
Musical Style: Dark Surf, Garage, Post-Punk

I Was A Bastard
A trip hypnotic rock band, I Was A Bastard is inspired by the psychedelic sound of Rock'n'roll through electronic and experimental music.
The Bastard's project has been around since 2011 when the person behind it – Nave Shifroni – independently recorded and published the first album "Free".
The band's live act is a deep, powerful and emotional experience and well known in the alternative scene in Israel. They will be performing their first studio album that was released this past September. From the press: “a compressed grain of excellent music, a new dimension of psychedelic rock that will grip you, one wave after the other”.
Musical Style: Hypnotic Trip Rock

The Garage phenomenon from Tel Aviv/ Berlin is finally arriving to the InDNegev. You really don’t want to miss this one.
Musical Style: Psychedelic Rock, Punk, Garage Rock

ETMX (Echo & Tito ft. Malox)
A super group of music producers, creating together a crazy mix of electronic sound, ethnic melodies, dub and hip hop. The feminine power that Echo brings to stage, together with Tito’s exciting beats, Eyal Talmudi’s energy and vibe, and Roy Chen’s intense drumming create a massive synergy that blows up the stage.
Musical Style: Global Bass vs. Hip Hop

A fusion of music from the forest, the heavens and the depths of the ocean.
Forest creates a journey that flows between gentle melodic folk and psychedelic klezmer, from sophisticated progressive rock to ecstatic chanting. Inspired by shamanism, meditation, storytelling and prayer - these songs seek to bond us all with love.
Musical style: Gipsy Folk

Is Nadav Spiegel, a Tel Aviv based producer and song writer. Since 2014 Autarkic has been releasing music on different labels and playing live all over Europe. Already recognized for the different approach he brings to the electronic music scene, Autarkic is first and foremost a song writer, creating lyrical club tracks with his own leftfield / new wave flavor. Autarkic’s live set is described as a filthy, extensive journey through clubbing, performed with a sampler, Synths, drum machines and of course his voice.

Shame On Us
A Synthesizer Oriented- Baleric-Afro-Tech Trio.

Assaf Amdursky
Five years since his last album, “Side A”, Amdursky is back on stage, with a new live show, accompanying his new album, “Po”.

Russo & Weinberg
An Indie Folk duo.
Erez Russo – a singer, song writer and producer, has been the lead guitarist for "The Girafot" (a popular Israeli rock band) for the last 13 years.
Adi Weinberg is the radiant soulful vocals of the duo.
Their debut album, released a year ago, was critically acclaimed and embraced by music editors and the public.
Musical Style: American folk

KIM's music is a colorful rainbow, combining electronic music and hip hop-ish beats with Orel Tamuz’s psych guitars and lead singer Mika Sade's angelic voice.
Musical style: Rainbow

Pelefon Anak
Bleeding guitar, drums, and audio/visual sampling of Israeli politics and trash television into a bucket of lush music.

Aveva is bringing the groove from the plains of Africa through the urban beat of Tel Aviv. The “AvevA AfroSoul Show” presents powerful texts in English and Amharic, dealing with society, love and the quest for freedom. Combining traditional Ethiopian instruments, the group, which was founded by the charismatic singer Aveva Dese, is creating a fascinating connection between cultures and sweeping crowds since 2013.
Musical style: Afro-Soul

Buttering Trio
Buttering Trio are three gentle souls from Tel Aviv trying to bring the funk to the desert. What started out as studio jams in a smoky basement in Berlin evolved into a world-wide-touring music-making three headed love monster.
Rejoicer, Beno and KerenDun are all musicians and producers, a fact that is felt in their uncompromising sound. Their live show is a non-stop experience, one psychedelic groovy journey through the mixture of their subconscious minds. The trio's combination of loop-based beats with live instruments (saxophone, vocals, synths and bass) creates a natural and refreshing flow between atmospheric sounds, jazz explorations, and broken rhythms.

Karma She
KARMA SHE is the psychedelic alter ego of Carmel Michaeli – a video, sound and installation artist, assembling live beats and bites. KARMA SHE is used as a performative identity, to embody an electronic Hip Pop musician, using fat bass lines and exotic sounds. Her fantastic world is composed of motifs of Orientalism, Drug shows, New Age thought, Dancehall music, shamanism and western sport activities.
Musical style: psychedelic hip hop

Elephant Hive
Elephant Hive is an instrumental garage power duo from Tel Aviv formed in 2015 by Rafael Cohen (guitar) and Tom Bollig (drums), two fresh Israeli military-bands graduates who quickly received critical acclaim and drew a lot of attention in the local indie scene. In the past year they have toured all around Israel, opened for various bands and took part in high profile alternative music festivals, in which they were hailed as a new up-and-coming band to keep on music fans’ radar.
Their act stands out with its short, less-than-2-minutes pieces, musical miniatures of energy outbreaks, combining African sounds and rhythms with alternative indie punk rock a la Deerhoof, Queens of the Stone Age, Tool and Autolux among others.
Musical Style: Garage Rock

Deaf Chonky
Two girls from Rehovot, Tami Kaminsky and Adi Bronicki, play garage with strong influences of folk and rage. They became good friends after meeting in the bank, and became Deaf Chonly in November 2015. The name is part inspired by the word for “girls” in Russian and part borrowed from the best folk-punk band from Colorado, “Blind Man Deaf Boy”.
Musical Style: garage folk girl punk

Originated in 1998 in the communal settlement Maccabim-Re'ut. It is notable for becoming Israel's first heavy metal band to have released its debut album on a major heavy metal label (Roadrunner Records) and is still leading in this genre. They have tens of thousands of fans around the world and have performed on the largest stages in Europe and around the world alongside names such as Megadeth, Sepultura, Anthrax and Lamb of God.
Musical style: Metal

System Ali & Tamer Nafar
A Hip-Hop ensemble in four languages: Hebrew, Arabic, Russian and English. The band was founded in 2006 in a bomb-shelter in Ajami neighborhood in the city of Jaffa. Its 11 members – M.Cs and musicians – bring to stage the rich, charged encounters and clashes between languages, musical styles, personal stories and inspirations – drawn from the everyday realities in the city of Jaffa. These are the fuel of the band's creation and strength, establishing itself as the leading Hip-Hop crew of Jaffa and South Tel-Aviv. They will host Tamer Nafar, from the band DAM.

Xen is a musical producer, silversmith, DJ, graphic designer and painter. Her first single was released by Malka Tuti, and there is much more on the way.

Peled ft. Bemet
Peled is known for years in the music scene, in the hip hop scene specifically, as a sharp and colorful writer, with numerous pieces and collaborations with the biggest local artists, such as Hadag Nachach, Ester Rada and many more. This year, finally, Peled receives the recognition and exposure he deserves, with a very successful second solo album, which received critical acclaim, a sold out launch show and a country wide tour.
For the show in the festival he will host Hod Moshonov, the boy with the Keytar.
Musical style: Hip hop

The Paz Band
A unique rock ensemble breaking its way into the crowd’s consciousness in Israel and abroad, proving that Rock’n’roll is alive and kicking. The band was formed in 2014, has an ever-growing group of fans and is establishing itself as a leading voice in the rock scene in Israel.
Musical style: Rock’n’roll

In the last decade, musician and music producer Totemo (Rotem Or) became one of the biggest realized promises of the local indie music scene. Her last EP, “Heavy as my Dreams”, produced by Roi Avital (Garden City Movement), was warmly received and is considered as groundbreaking in the pop world. With her new EP she continues to be the forefront of futuristic electronic music, combining precise beats with spatial sounds, exhibiting meticulous and uncompromising artistic vision, with a rich sound which consists of classical elements and poppy melodies.
Musical Style: electronic progressive pop

Yakir Hillel
With deeply rooted Hebrew texts, engagement in social issues and uncompromising Mediterranean energy, the new show of Yakir Hillel sounds like a fascinating encounter between Meir Ariel and Ahuva Ozeri. Accompanied by six wonderful musicians, Hillel introduces the audience to the romanticism of the Hebrew language together with meticulous and complex arrangements and delightful groove.

A psychedelic dream-pop ensemble, singing in Hebrew. Their debut album, which goes by the same name, was recorded independently throughout a whole year, and uploaded for free download on Bandcamp. Following the acclaim the album received by the audience the band translated the album into a live show, which presents a psychedelic experience with deep dives, groovy pieces and colorful and optimistic ballades.
Musical style: Psychedelic Dream-Pop.

Riff Cohen
One of the leading musicians in the modern Mediterranean (“Eastern”) music, returns to the stage with her second album, “A la Menthe”. In her new album she continues to perfect the fascinating fusion, so familiar with her work, of African music, Arabic music and Rock’n’roll.

The acclaimed actress and singer-songwriter, together with the producer Rejoicer, is fusing modern music with ethnic flavor from her Persian roots. For Liraz, combining the electronic sound with Iranian music from the 60’s and 70’s, is intertwining her own story with the one of her family.

Dream disco-electronic duo, produced and performed by the musicians Zoe Polanski and Or Edry.

Alternative-Hardcore trio, preserving the Punk spirit while combining psychedelic colors and scents – like a dive into a chemical pool. The band’s live shows are ass- kicking, energetic, breaking the tolerable decibel levels and take the audience into a state of electrifying trance.
Musical style: Post Hardcore Punk/Alternative Psychedelic Rock

Jimbo J & the Spa Band ft. Isaac Dabom
Jimbo J is a rapper and contemporary Hebrew poet. Together with the Spa Band he performs spoken-word pieces, with a surprising musical twist.
Musical style: Rap, Spoken-word, beats

Safe Cube
The story of Safe Cube begins with all-night long jam sessions, on a balcony in a Tel Aviv apartment. After many improvised shows, Amitai Vilk, Amos Zimmerman and Lior Rodan decided to turn their music into something the audience can take home. For the album recording they invited Asaf Hadar (Anxiety) on drums, Ben Golan (Tree) on electric guitar and Doron Butnik (Inga Dingo) on piano and keys. This was four years ago and after a long break they are performing now for the first time.
Musical style: Rock

Midnight Peacocks ft. Yali Sobol
Celebrating their 10th anniversary with a third album, to be released this year. A mixture of Indie Rock, Hardcore, black metal and Arabic music. The band’s debut album was chosen by the American Magazine “Indie Music”, as one of the best 20 albums of 2007. The band performed in many festivals in Israel and abroad.
Musical style: Circus-core

Hayelala Guest: Daniella Tourgeman
Hayelala (The Howl) is a band of seven musicians who play original, contemporary, global, and astral folk music. Coming from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, the group members carry within them and express a multitude of musical influences, including sounds from the Middle East, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, American blues and soul, and even some rock music.
Through excellent musicianship and tight performance, Hayelala members create delightful and enchanting songs with fascinating lyrics that tell stories of the heart, magical fairytales, and tales of adventure - both inner and external.
Musical style: Soul-Folk

Vegan Friendly
The new and intriguing trio of Geva Alon, Jango and Assaf Reiss in a show that is all about Rock’n’roll and guitars. The materials are written by the three, who are working on their first album these days.

Shalom Gad
A month after the launch of his new album, Shlaom Gad arrives to the InDNegev with his group, the Diamonds, to perform the new materials and some older ones. Gad started his way in the band “Punch” and since the 80’s maintains a solo career, during which he released ten self-produced studio albums, six of which in only three years!

Tigris ft. Gili Yalo
Tigris is an Afrodelic Power Pop band composed of five unrestrained musicians. Deeply influenced by Ethiopian, West African and even Caribbean sounds from the 70's as well as modern pop, electronic and rock music, the band strives to create an original futuristic mood-altering ear candy. Every show turns into an intense dance party.
Musical Style: Afrodelic Power Pop

An eggplant salad and a spicy hot Moroccan groove band. For two years the band attracts large audiences that dance to their unique sound. Inspired by a Jewish community from Tétouan, Morocco, that spoke a language that's a mix between ancient Spanish and Judeo-Moroccan Arabic ,the music borrows from Andalusian music, African and Western music. Zaaluk revives the songs that were left at the archives in the voices of the old women of the community that came to Israel and slowly became forgotten. They create new music that brings those wonderful songs to here and now with a modern feel, groove and sensitivity.
Musical style: Moroccan groove

Lucy’s Pussy
This is what happens when the doctor changes the prescription to a mental patient. This veteran punk band is releasing these days a double vinyl record called “inciting for an uprising”. The record is a rollercoaster from Punk to reggae and ska, to metal and blues, protest songs and soul music. Not for the faint hearted.

Yarden Elbocher, AKA Yonder, is one of the leading DJ's in Tel Aviv's night life. Yonder's main musical focus is everything Psych, Garage, Post Punk, Indie Rock, Shoegaze and Underground Electronics. Her personal project "Yondertapes" is an ongoing mixtapes project on Mixcloud dedicated to esoteric & psychedelic jams. Recently, it has begun gaining worldwide recognition and reaching the top numbers on the Mixcloud’s indie rock charts.

Wonder child.

Tal Fogel
A hypnotic twenty five year old artist, an enchanting guitarist, reaching deep down into your soul.
Musical style: Rock

Laroz ft. Aveva
Haim Laroz, one of Israel’s leading producers, who influenced generations of musicians, is coming to InDNegev for a special one-time DJ set. A lot of Dub, Groove and Bass.

Head On
HeadOn is a Mediterranean Stoner Rock trio that is all about one thing - speaking its own lively language – a melting pot of the powerful straightforwardness of the stoner rock together with the joy of the Mediterranean sound. The band believes in playing as loud as possible but simultaneously to rock your body and soul.
Musical style: Mediterranean Stoner

Garden City Movement
Tel Aviv based Garden City Movement is a top notch electronic music project consisting of Joe, Roi and Johnny. Together, the three produce a blend of perfectly beautiful mixes drawn from their diverse cultural worlds. The result ranges from sweet hypnotic beats to ground floor based tracks. They received international critical acclaim in the past two years and performed in respected festivals such as Primavera and Glastonbury next to great artists such as Bonobo, Caribou and SOHN, to name a few.
Musical style: electronic pop

Started its way in 2005 as a mostly jam based band, gathering more original materials but still holding to that spirit. TREE has rooted itself widely through Israel, also making its way overseas. Their powerful sound and live performances gave the band the status of a rock movement with deep musical roots. TREE has set a reputation of never playing the same show twice, with their ever-growing circle of followers attending every performance, the crowd knows to expect the unexpected.
Musical style: Rock’n’roll, jazz

The White Screen
Organized chaos

One of these groups that each performance is a phenomenon that should not be missed. They arrive to the InDNegev with a new album you can’t stop dancing to.

Drawing elements from the worlds of psychedelic, Stoner Rock, Post Rock and electronic music, MEUBAN create instrumental pieces with a unique sound, on the range between hallucinatory and the materialistic. The music, together with the tight execution and strong chemistry between the band members, create a powerful experience, taking the listener to a journey between feelings, places and times. They are currently working on their debut album, musically produced by Nimrod Bar (Tiny Fingers).

Nibiru Lizards
A psychedelic stoner rock band singing in the Holy language. With a long experience in the Israeli stoner scene, the lizards are the ultimate psychedelic experience. Performing with special costumes, subversive video art and cult songs soaked with Middle Eastern mythology, this is the most ambitious and colorful project of Rimoch, the mastermind behind other creative projects such as “the Pickles” and “Botimzog”.
Musical Style: Space Rock, Psychedelic Stoner

Water Knives
Water Knives is a Bass/Drums duo that plays Psych/Afro-Beat/Arabic/Disco/Stoner/Pop music. They're ADHD.
Yair Yona - Bass, Ofer Bymel - Drums

Malca Baya
The surf Rock band of Israel.
Musical style: Surf & Roll

Alaska Snack Time
The joint creation of electronic music based on live instruments.
Over the past years, the four band members shut themselves up in order to create a musical performance that combines mind and body. The mix of electronic music, African rhythms, hip-hop and even jazz, provides a refreshing new experience that leaves no indifferent ear.
Musical style: Electro-Acoustic-Instrumental-Abstract

An instrumental duo, founded in late 2012. The motivation was to establish a fresh band, unbound to standard conventions, with a strong orientation to live performance. Their music is written in a communicative, poppy way, making it easier for the listener to dive in and discover new layers. In contrast to the minimalist musical style of Roman Mishko (Chains of Past Decisions), Hagai Shlezinger (Midnight Peacocks, Gaish No, Lo Dubim) pours polyrhythmic elements to the music, thus disturbs and spices up the atmosphere.
Musical style: Experimental / Post-Rock / Shoegaze

Silvie Jean
Fast, short, good.
Musical style: Garage Brit-pop, Psychedelic in Hebrew

Skarate Kid
Skarate KID were formed in Tel Aviv, in early 2015. The agenda was, and still is, to make people happy and to spread the good vibes all around.
Musically speaking, the style is Ska blended with Reggae, Rock, Gypsy music and Middle Eastern music.
Going with the flow of the Ska tradition, Skarate KID's songs are all about romance and freedom. The Skarate KIDs bring their own unique twist and serve up the Middle Eastern Ska style.

Neomi Hashmonay
A religious, courageous and revolutionary artist. Her music moves on an axis between soft to kicking. God, family and death are examined in her texts which sometimes correspond to the world of the Midrash and Kabbalah. Her songs are personal, not hesitating to doubt herself and her choices, doing it in a manner unique to her. Her debut album was released in early 2016, won critical acclaim and Neomi was marked as a musical promise.

Nir Shlomo
A respected singer, songwriter, producer and guitarist in the Indie scene. His debut album “Nir Shlomo” from 2015 received critical acclaim and his second album, expected to be out soon, is highly anticipated.

Haya Miller
Kosta Kaplan (vocals, guitar, casio), Udi Bonen (Bass Guitar), Stav Ben Shachar (drums).
After hundreds of shows in festivals and clubs across Israel and a critically acclaimed debut album two years ago, the Israeli Rock trio have been slowly accumulating a growing and loyal fan base and are touring with their recently released second album "+1" .
Musical style: Rock.

Rachel Yaron
A young artist (only 21 years old!) with a debut album just released. It was written following the process of leaving the religious way of life, and many of her texts are discovering the world anew or for the first time. The estimated Indie musician, Amit Erez, was her guitar teacher, later helped her writing and composing the songs and eventually produced this album.
Musial style: Indie Rock

The Ramirez Brothers & Dani Dorchin
The musical phenomenon, The Ramirez Brothers, whose concerts were described as “transcendental experience”, are celebrating a decade of their joint work, and just released a very successful album, “Octopus Yoga”. Dani Dorchin has also just released his self-written second album, produced by Sefi Ramirez. In a rare and special show they will perform songs from both new albums, with Gilad Abro on bass. Groove, Funk, dirty blues and hardcore rockabilly, in a sunny and joyful mishmash.
Musical style: Americana, Rockabilly

Shtuby Band Experience
A “modular concert” will be the precise way to describe Shtuby’s (Yuval Tal) Avant-garde project. Influences from Funk, Jazz and Groove mixed with electronic music and a great passion for live instruments – all these create a unique and hypnotizing show.
Shtuby avoids being captured under specific musical style or genre. Together with the band he creates a journey that sometimes feels like a multiplayer concert and at times like a wild party.
Shtuby combines many musical instruments into this set, such as Theremin, clarinet, synths, percussion, and a full band comprised of drums, flute, bass, keytar and all is colored with bizarre texts. Loyal to the freedom of creativity, the whole show is created in real time, what makes every show a new unique experience.
Musical style: Electronic Funk, Jazz and Groove

The King of Culture
A post-modern duo – the King of Culture and Satan Sheransky. Happiness, dancing, a meeting of the classical and the new, and lots of excitement.

Zvuloon Dub System
A special performance, celebrating a decade of their work. Zvuloon Dub System, Israel's leading World-Reggae band, emerges from a multicultural middle-eastern music scene, singing in English and Amharic.
Zvuloon Dub System is an 8 piece band with some of the cream of Israeli underground musicians. Adopting their name from one of the twelve tribes of Israel, the band was formed in 2006 by the Smilan brothers. They shared the same passion for roots reggae and dub, with influences from a variety of music styles, like Ethiopian jazz and rare grooves from the 70’s, USA's soul, funk and jazz, alongside with Israeli mizrahi (oriental) music. Similarly to the major producers of reggae, the band is also keen on creating not just their own music but their own sound.
On stage, the band brings a fresh breath of vibes from around the world.
With a powerful lead singer, groovy rhythm section and an eccentric brass section, Zvuloon Dub System created a new style called Ethio-Dub.

Ram Orion
Drums, 2 guitars, keys, bass, three vocals.
Musical style: Mid-Fi

Tomer Yeshayahu
Known especially as the founder and singer of the successful band ISAIAH, he was also the musical producer of the debut album of “Jane Bordeaux”. A year ago Tomer released his debut album, “Electric Bicycle”, produced by Amir Lev and performed with TREE band members. The album exhibited an original, mature, intimate and solid work. These days Tomer is releasing his second album, “Boidem”, which he co-produced with Roi Hermon (Armon), and which presents a glimpse into his inner world, rich with color and sound.
Musical style: fusion (Mediterranean, Psychedelic, Folk, Indian music… everything together)

Ran Rishon
Intimate singing and thoughtful, observing texts on the moments in life that our heart is talking, towards a change.

Quarter to Africa
“Quarter to Africa” is a multi-cultural roots ensemble. Their music creates an uplifting collage, fusing traditional Arabic “makam” scales and African rhythms with jazz and funk. A unique aesthetic which forms a fertile ground for fluid movement between composed and improvised, upbeat and downtempo, complicated and simple. QTA started as a duo in 2014 and slowly grew into a versatile ensemble: Oud, Saxophones, Trumpet, Electric Guitar, Bass, Drums, Percussion, Synthesizer, and Vocals.
Musical style: World, Jazz-Funk, Afro-Arab.

Jewish Monkeys
This is what happens when Yiddish, Punk, Klezmer, theatricality, humor and 8 friends meet on one stage and prove the world that Ashkenazi Jewish music can kick your ass! Jewish Monkeys sing in a blend of Yiddish and English, create their own version of contemporary Jewish music, mixed with Rock and Punk, with a strong Balkan sound, influenced by Gogol Bordello and Shantel, Woody Allen and Larry David, but especially provide a hyperactive show you can’t stay indifferent to. This is a very Jewish thing for them – where sorrow and joy meet.
Musical style: Balkan Klezmer Punk

Zeev Tene
One of the sanest voices as a writer and the most extreme ones as a performer. Just before the release of a new album, with Kosta Kaplan as his musical producer and an electric band, Tene will perform in InDNegev some of his best songs from over the years, and for the first time songs from the new album, which portrait a rich and surreal world but refer to the daily reality and the Israeli climate.

Nili Fink & Daniel Sapir
Daniel Sapir is a very popular composer and bass player in the music scene as well as in theater and dance. Last year he released his debut solo album, a sensitive and precise musical journey, which finds beauty in sorrow and hardship. Nili Fink, an artist known for her DIY shows in special locations, recently released her second album, an E.P. called “Five”, with a more intimate, electronic, contemplative feeling to it. After playing in each other’s projects and appearing in acoustic shows together, they will collaborate for the first time with a full band, performing materials of the both of them.

Yaldey Hasade
A Hebrew vocal folk band created by Guy Landau and Yahav Saban. The songs, that are written by the two and enriched by heavenly vocal harmonies of the four band members, bring a western modern folk sound but stay loyal to the Hebrew language and its beauty. Thus creating a refreshing alternative for those who love the international sound but are happy to keep the local connection.
Musical style: Hebrew Folk

Niv Ast
Tel Aviv producer and DJ Niv Ast soars into the spotlight with a fresh set of five new cuts, obsessively dealing with the fatality of life and love, taken from his debut EP “Fearless Love Stories”.
Ast’s live performances, supported by Adiel Goldman (Red Axes live) on electronic drums and Guy Cohavi on bass, resemble mass meditations; leading the audience through synthy baths of warm chords, soaking through layers of guitars and effects.
Musical style: Electronic / Pop / Sport Elegant

It’s not exactly a band, but rather a bunch of crazy ass people /groups/ individuals that merge and clash with each other and make a celestial electronic / broken beats / ragga / rub a dubby sound with samplers live drums and a bunch of skillful and yet obscure mentally instable MCs. It’s composed originally from a collaboration between the band 3421 + Easy Rider + Ranking Levy (My Lord) + Miss Red = TRILION. This so called band or a “musical Caesar salad” is right before the release of their debut album – “Ain’t no future with no past” that is about to be released on Jahtari label GER – 2016. Trilion are > Shuzin /// Hezus /// Ranking Levy /// Miss Red /// General G /// Guma Ranks /// Mentor Irie – sound : Operator Mercy
Musical sound: Futuristic Rub-A-Dub /// BASS /// RAGGA

Cut Out Club
Cut Out Club is a relatively new and exciting act from the Tel Aviv’s music scene. Since forming two years ago the band has received massive radio airplay in Israel, playing packed clubs around the country and festivals across the globe.
Their last album has a unique Rock’n’roll orchestrated sound with a late 70’s – early 80’s Bowie-esque style, a Jack Whitish big-band feel, with disco and synth in the mix. Cut Out Club boasts eight musicians and singers – all representatives of Tel Aviv’s finest bands – together they simply set the stage on fire. Vocals & Guitar: Nitzan Horesh, Lead Guitar: Ben Golan, Bass: Yaron Sarel, Sax: Roey Bar Yehuda, Synth: Shay Roth, Vocals & Percussion: Doron Talmon, Drums: Haggai Fershtman
Musical style: Rock’n’roll, Disco

Avi Adaki
The ability to translate life into a hymn, is saved for the few, the talented, and those with a burning social awareness. Avi Adaki, who broke into our consciousness a decade ago, is a political poet, a poetic chansonnier and a juggler of lyrics and melodies, always keeping us in balance with the desire to burst out in tears or in laughter. He is coming to InDNegev to launch his third studio album, PRA (Public Rock Album), which is a sharp social message of the here and now.
Musical style: Social Israeli Rock

Flora (stage name of Liron Meshulam) is a singer-songwriter, composer and producer.
She was the opening act for Asaf Avidan’s 2015 Spring Tour and Keyboard player and Vocalist in his band for the past 3 years.
Flora’s unique sound is composed of looping vintage keyboards, live minimal beats, and the use of her own voice as an instrument, to create a tasty blend of female indie-pop, or as someone once put it – “an electro- Joni Mitchell”.
Flora is now performing with a new project in Hebrew, with Guy Sharf on the bass and Shahar Haziza on drums, Flora is on Synths and singing.
Musical style: Art Pop
Nadav Dagon
Nadav Dagon, a Drumtek musician and producer, performing a dynamic live techno set. By only playing the drums with a set of samplers, he creates an endless playground, live jungle techno, filled with sound, electronics and delicious bass.
In the past year his solo project broke numerous borders and reached large and diverse audiences worldwide. To the InDNegev he arrives after an intensive summer tour. Also plays with Madboojah Project, ZO13, TribeaT, Onogana, Reflections and others.
Musical style: Electronic

David Peretz
Singer-songwriter, producer, writer, teacher and a prominent figure in the musical scene in the south of Israel. He creates music that blends different genres – from blues, rock and folk to “Mizrahi” music. His songs are a soundtrack to the people and the cities of the south, both real and surreal. In a figurative and fluent language he sketches life experiences in the southern biosphere, moving from inside the homes to the space outside, from the individual to the socio-political.
Musical style: Singer-songwriter, Rock, Folk, Blues

Indie-Rock psychedelic band. Band members played and still do in different bands of the same genre, but working on their debut album, which was released recently, also called EDER, they investigated and discovered a new world of writing, sound and dynamics. The album refines alternative qualities into tight songs.
Musical style: Psychedelic Indie Rock’n’roll

Yair Yona – Sword
‘Sword’ is an instrumental album that was written as a soundtrack of the Yom Kippur War (1973). Yona composed music to an imaginary, yet very realistic, film that deals with the people behind the war. In ten compositions, he documented a number of individual, private situations. It was released last June and received great responses in the media. In a premier in InDNegev, the work will be executed fully, and for the first time accompanied by video art (created by Yulia Zakovsky), which is based on archive movies from the war, and will be processed live. As the musical work, it will create new context to old narratives.

Amir Peer
All the way from Arab Jaffa, through the desert plains, comes to us the man and the vision, Amir Pe’er. Actually, he returns to us after playing music in all the biggest outdoor festivals in Israel and all the darkest indoor nightclubs in Tel Aviv, with Arab music from his cousin’s Bat Mizvah together with a holiday in the Caribbean. Stretch before and get ready to dance to tempos from all over the globe.

Shira Z. Carmel and her Brasserie
Shira's newest adventure is an Avant-Groove Brass Band, standing (and dancing) on the thin line between Jazz, Art and Pop. This unusual ensemble features 6 brass and woodwinds players, a drummer and a singer-songwriter.
Finding inspiration in the classical brass quintets, jazz big-bands, the 1940’s cool jazz and the New Orleans marching band traditions, arranger Orr Sinay dips Carmel's songs in a hot sauce of horns and drums that best befits her sultry voice and poetic lyrics.
Musical style: Avant-garde, Jazz, Cabaret

Eran Zamir
The Oud and “Siren” player, in a special sunrise show. The Siren, a unique instrument Zamir invented, composed of an Oud’s neck and an electric guitar’s body, connects two worlds – the world of guitar, Rock’n’roll and electronics, and on the other hand Arab music. We welcome you to fall asleep/ wake up to sounds that will take you across the different worlds and into a physical and spiritual journey of releasing, diving and flying on the wings of the music.

‎Yagel Haroush &Shir Yedidot Ensemble
The “Bakashot” (a collection of songs and prayers that have been sung by the Moroccan Jewish community for centuries each week on Shabbat morning from midnight until dawn) is one of the largest and richest reserve of Piyyutim (Jewish liturgical poems) that exist in Israel. Yagel and his ensemble deliver a new interpretation to the ancient texts. Alongside the mixing of Folk and western harmony elements, the ensemble seeks to preserve the gentle and unique sound of the Eastern music. The main vision is to return to today’s culture the richest musical stocks of Hebrew culture.

Shye Ben Tzur
Residing both in India and Israel, Shye Ben Tzur is a singer and musician who composes qawwalis in Hebrew, Urdu, and Hindi, combining Sufi devotional music with Western elements. His last album, JUNUN, was recorded at the Mehrangarh Fort in the state of Rajasthan, India, along with British guitarist/composer Jonny Greenwood (of Radiohead), producer Nigel Godrich (Radiohead, U2, Paul McCartney), and a group of Indian musicians dubbed the Rajasthan Express. The recording session was filmed by director Paul Thomas Anderson and released as a film later.

Electro-Noise-Poetic Duo. A year ago poet and multi-disciplinary artist Shira Horesh and drummer and sound artist Marco Daniel Milevski started investigating the alchemy between the word and sound, to melt and weld the worlds of poetry and beat. They are creating a live musical dialogue on stage, a temple for words and sounds, creating life in the computer and sailing singing in drums and circular beats.

Doobo & Turnymator
The two DJ’s are joining forces to a crazy live act of Groove, Bass, Funk and beats from space. Turnymator – turntablist and music producer, incorporating in his sets juicy and very impressive scratching techniques. Dj Doobo – King of groove, Duke of bass, the finest of selekta, plenty of skills and an uncompromising show.
Nu Funk \\ Glitched Grooves \\ Really Fat Bass

Zusha is a Soul Folk band changing the face of Jewish music. Their music draws upon the Hasidic musical style known as Neegoon, wordless melody, and seeks to inspire people of all backgrounds and faiths to live with intention, meaning and love.
Musical style: Hasidic Soul

Firqat Alnoor
Meaning, the light orchestra. Israel’s leading orchestra for classical Eastern and Arabic music. Orchestra members are leading musicians in this genre, arriving from all geographic and social spectrum – Jews and Arabs, religious and secular. They are coming for the first time to InDNegev, together with the singer Amal Shahin and together will perform the greatest hits of popular Egyptian music.
Musical style: Classical Arabic Music

Sefi Zisling DJ set
A groovy yet abstract afternoon journey, travelling between Africa to black America and back again.

Playground ft. Tamuz Dekel
An improvised act of dance and music by ten acclaimed dancers and musicians.
“Playground” is a performance based on the chemistry and spontaneous communication between five musicians and five dancers. The musicians combine textures, melodies and rhythms inspired by jazz, avant-garde, rock, cabaret, and electronic music, while dancers create a real-time choreography that unites modern dance, contact improvisation, theater, and free-style influences. With improvised and planned interactions, the performance gives rise to a sophisticated dialogue of rich interwoven patterns of movement and sound.
The Playground Collective was founded in 2011 by dancer Inbal Shahar and musicians Arthur Krasnobaev and Itamar Gross. They perform regularly in the Tel Aviv club “The Zone,” constantly creating and garnering increased attention from Israeli dance and music aficionados.

Tat-Mudub Soundsystem
The crazy and immortal duo, Zach Bar aka Turtle Dread and Jonathan Shatzmiller aka MC Jahnatan, are coming back to the InDNegev for a nostalgic one-time set.

DJ Mesh ft. Cohenbeats & Segev
Mesh, the record scorcher, coming back to the festival for a special powerful hip hop set, hosting the great Michael Cohen, and some other surprising guests.

Gedy Ronen
A member in “The Back Yard”, “1:1” and “Devek”, arriving to the InDNegev for the first time with materials from a new solo album.

Roy Dahan
One of our favorite artists is returning to the festival with a new album on the brink. Roy Dahan, a leading folk musician in Israel, writes, composes and produces his own music, in recent years performing all over the country and in the most respected festivals.
Musical style: Folk-Rock

Israel Story
Israelis, we all know, are a nation of storytellers. Started as a podcast, we aim to shine a spotlight on the little (and big!) dramas that comprise Israeli life. Our primary goal is to tell the story of a different, diverse Israel: To amplify voices that are rarely heard on the mainstream media, to showcase and celebrate the plurality of local communities and traditions. By bringing you multi-faceted narratives on thought-provoking themes, Israel Story aims to become a refreshing alternative. We don’t want to talk about Bibi, Lapid or Bennett. We’re kind of tired about hearing about the threat of the Iranian bomb or the Security Council resolutions. Instead, we hope to present a cross-section of ‘Israeliness,’ entering communities that are typically sidelined and silenced, and to tell stories that are not aired anywhere else: These are the stories you’d tell a friend over a plate of hummus on a friday afternoon, the stories you’d share with your partner at the end of the day – Everyday stories, told by, and about, regular Israelis.

Tusobka – Migration Poetry
An intimate migration show in Hebrew – of poetry, spoken word and music – performed by young artists, sharing their personal stories and migration experiences and the Soviet culture they were raised in. Participants: Shmuel Seltser, Alex Rif, Arik Eber and Maya Zax.

Moshe Ben Yohana & Boaz Cohen – stories and songs
Ben Yohana plays the bass, writes and composes. His debut album was just released, produced by Amir Lev and played by the band TREE members. When listening to the album you are drawn into Ben Yohana’s world and stories, which are transferred by his warm voice and wonderful and exposed melody and arrangement. In a collaboration with Boaz Cohen, writer and radio persona, they will create a beautiful world of stories and music.
Musical style: Hebrew Rock & Folk

Sivan Mor Goldman
A film director, who became ill with cancer and recovered, is now releasing “I didn’t call for thunders”, her debut album produced by Yehu Yaron, which was first released as the soundtrack to the movie "My Big Fat Cancer Wedding". With poetic imaginative texts and soft compositions, Mor-Goldman takes us to the territories where Efrat Ben-Zur meets Joana Newsom, meets Bjork, and with Yaron’s sensitive yet dominant production, the outcome is an extraordinary album.

Rave Therapy: collective musical psychotherapy by the therapeutic DJ Eran Feller.

Shoham Sakana and the Crooks

Kolot Me Africa
What started as a humble blog about African Music by three partners Adam Rotbard, Shira Shodron and Ofir Bloom, became an ever-growing phenomenon. The three are playing music all over Israel, from large productions and festivals, to a radio show in the radio station TEDER and are even featured in Haaretz newspaper.

Feter Hendel
An indie-folk band fronted by Moshe Hendel, singer/songwriter & social worker who has recently relocated from his hometown Melbourne, Australia to Israel together with his lifelong friend Zev Gelber. Feter Hendel is a delicate blend of heartfelt lyrics, chassidic niggunim & folk ballads. ​ Feter Hendel have been described as "Bob Dylan meets Shlomo Carelbach" and have played to audiences in Australia and across the world, including USA, UK and Israel. Their live shows are known as being intimate, authentic and moving.

Michael Ben Shimon
Singer, artist, Saxophonist, Guitarist and music producer. After collaborating with great artists over the years, Michael will appear alone for the first time, presenting his unique deep and soft voice, intimate texts, minimalist sound and exciting melodies.

Pele Ozen
A breath of fresh air to Hebrew hip hop, creating a unique sound combining street and jazz. Making waves with their last album, Pele Ozen are performing across Israel and starting a revolution from the underground.

Nessi Gomes
With critical acclaim in the UK, a comparison to Kate Bush and other vocal witches, the audience in InDNegev will get a glimpse into the future generation of world folk, presented by Gomes. Her latest album reveals an authentic and heartfelt search for light, depth, hope and truth. It is a quest of art, love and trust. It fulfils Nessi’s wish to deeply touch and shake the audience, to stir and shift something within them, to speak of the uncomfortable so that it may pass, and to expose and sing the human experience to its fullest expression.

Mic N’ Tounge

DJ Bush Beats
Musical editor, radio persona and an avid music collector.

Suicidal Furniture
instrumental guitar and drums duo (post math rock)

Ben Nush
Creating a musical collage of original materials with different genres, from electronic music to hip/trip hop, chill and glitch.
Nag Hamadi
A Rock’n’roll band, composed of journalists and different personas from the Israeli Media. It was formed in 2005 by active journalists from both sides of the political map in Israel, using their music to transfer political and social messages. Their songs carry criticism and protest, sometimes sarcastically, regarding different issues in Israeli daily life. The show combines music and debate around current events in Israel.

Minus One Orch. ft. Mika Maoz
The Poetry of Sound. Trio Minus One brings together textual and musical worlds. They blend guitars and electronic sounds, in a space that enables a new sound to be created. In a special one time show in the ArtEZahen stage the trio – Avi Elbaz, Gal Roditi and Hilly Boimel – will host Mika Maoz.

Amy McKnight
Amy McKnight's musical relationship with Israel began in 2009, with an initial journey from Sydney to Jerusalem to study sculpture at Bezalel.
She returned five times over the years, recorded an Ep with NoCoast Productions and performed in various events in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
Amy's deep, dark alternative-folk songs combine heartfelt lyricism, soothing sweet vocals, aggressive finger-picked guitar work and above all, a desire to share stories.

MoveIn Ensemble
The ensemble was established especially for the InDNegev Festival and is composed of original and colorful dance and performance artists, each with his own unique style.
On the new ArtEZahen stage and around it, you will be able to watch and experience exciting collaborations between musicians and the ensemble members, who will create interdisciplinary live shows. Expect to be surprised.

APE Records: Tamir Muskat in a pre-premier hosting Tomer Yosef (BBB), Marina Maximilian, Gilad Kahana and A-WA.
Muskat, one of the most noticeable, innovative and interesting producers in Israel (Balkan Beat Box, Asaf Avidan, Eviatar Banai, Shlomi Shaban and many more), is known for many years as the creator of a new sound with an unconventional vision and bursting creativity, having produced many of Israel’s biggest artists.
By establishing APE Records, again he is choosing a path never walked before: it is a hybrid between a record label and a recording house, with the sole purpose of delivering to the world cutting edge work out of Israel in a tight visual-musical package, surprising and up-to-date. Muskat aspires to promote the Israeli sound which consists of the colorfulness and eclecticism in this boiling melting pot.

Kore Dada
A precise mix of Rub-a-Dub and Dancehall for advanced level.

Hilly Boimel
Guitarist, composer and artist. Will perform a new 360° show-journey, drawing the listener into a world of visual and sound, noise and sampling from life, gathered together into a musical-textual sheet, wrapped with the video art of the artist Harel Ben-Nun, creating live VJ.

Five musicians in a deep experimental jam session, playing, flying, diving in a new language. Recently released their debut album, “Orange Race”.

Fortuna Records Massacre (Kalbata + Turtle)
​Fortuna Records is a reissue label and a DJ crew out of Tel-Aviv, championing the obscure sounds of Middle Eastern groove with a string of top quality vinyl reissues as well as notoriously wild parties.
With two huge Boiler Room sessions under their belt and fans such as Gilles Peterson, Gaslamp Killer, Kutmah and John Talabot, Fortuna were the talk of the town in 2014, after reissuing the ultra-rare, synth-filled, Grazia album.
Their wild DJ sets are an all-night belly-dance excursion into the psychedelic side of Middle Eastern Funk mixed with Turkish rock all the way into 4x4 techno workouts of a similar nature.​​
2016 sees Fortuna in top form, releasing the Middle East's most obscure records, holding a monthly residency at Berlin's Panke club and with a track record of gigs in London, Paris, LA, Amsterdam, Poland & Greece, they show no signs of stopping!

Yossi Swing and the Mini Me’s
Yossi Swing - the DJ/Producer who introduced the Electro-Swing sound and scene to Tel-Aviv’s crowd for the first time in 2010.
His extensive knowledge in music as an artist and a music editor but mainly his practice in sound design makes the atmosphere in Yossi’s parties and music electric!
He was introduced to music at a very young age through piano lessons, but the passion for music thrived when he was 21 and moved to live in South Africa.
A decade of exposure to the local tribal beats was overwhelming. An endless journey to find old and new music has begun. A journey that continues until this day.
The combination of old and new, electronic beats and instrumental parts, became Yossi’s signature.